メッカ・マスジッド A view of Mecca Masjid from Char Minar

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Photos: メッカ・マスジッド A view of Mecca Masjid from Char Minar

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ハイダラバード チャール・ミナールからこの町一番のモスク メッカ・マスジッドMecca Masjid(モスク)を望む。


The onion shape dome of Mecca Masjid minaret.
The adhan, the call to prayer, is made from a mosque's minarets.
Mecca Masjid was constructed during the Qutb Shahi and Mughal rule in Hyderabad.
Mecca Masjid situated close to Charminar is the biggest mosque,or masjid,in Hyderabad.
The masjid is an interesting glimpse of Muslimlife: visitors must remove their shoes and
women should be properly covered,i.e., no bare shoulders or legs.

Muslims are present throughout the city and predominate in and around the Old City.
Hence, appear to be a large minority around 40%.

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